Partner Profile
Fred Rowan
Raised on a 120-acre cattle farm owned by his grandparents, Fred Rowan learned what he saw: you worked hard and did what had to be done, from walking behind the horse-drawn plow to making adjustments on the fly forced by the unpredictable cycles of nature. And if Grandpa took the time to say something, that meant it was important.

At age eight, he sawed the lock off his dad’s rifle box and took himself hunting. He’s been an avid outdoorsman ever since, exploring the American West from Montana to Texas and all across the landscape of our vast nation, to far away safaris in Africa.

From his first pony, Lightning, to his 2012 World Grand Champion, Fred’s life is followed by a long trail of hoof prints. He found that dealing with surprises and disappointment are part of a cowboy’s game. Riding atop a horse, you open yourself up to the unexpected – the tension that lets you feel like you own the world sitting up there.

Fred, who spent his whole career in the textile and apparel industry, is one of these guys who tried to retire but couldn’t help himself when he had a chance to be part of a brand so close to his heart and soul. And after 43 years in apparel, he’d never seen American Western style interpreted in the distinct way that only Ryan Michael and Barn Fly have done. Fred partnered with Michael Ryan to help launch a brand that celebrates the fiercely independent and proud American spirit. He still believes.