Partner Profile
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan grew up surrounded by the antics of a rowdy group of brothers and sisters and cousins, dreaming up their own adventures within a strong family where holidays were always spent together fishing, riding horses, blowing stuff up with fireworks . . . profoundly aware now of how lucky he was to grow up when things were so much simpler for kids. If they weren’t riding bareback throwing homemade spears at each other, they were digging their own worms and heading down to the pond.

He’s found ways to work for himself most of his life in jobs that gave him room to roam. Horses have trotted in and out of his plans and carried him to victories in barrel racing and team penning competitions. And at home, always a dog or two tagging along.

In 1994, Mike set out to combine a somewhat unincorporated lifestyle with his roots in the apparel industry and created a brand he could get behind: Western shirts that help celebrate the cowboy in all of us. He’s gone out of his way to bring people into his business that share a personal obsession with the West, and it would seem everything for Mike has lead him to this day with this goal: to make a shirt with a heartbeat of the American West. He still believes.